Early Warning System for Landslides

We developed a landslide early detection system based on radio waves transmission. The ground movement sensor and a transmitter antenna are installed on hilltops that have a potential for landslides. The sensors are buried in the ground to avoid external disturbance. A radio wave receiver and an alarm (siren) are installed in residential areas hundreds of meters from the sensor and transmitter location. If the ground starts to displace, the sensor activates the transmitter to emit radio waves. This wave is detected by the receiver. The controller will analyze data from the receiver to activate the alarm (siren). Initial testing has been done on Manglayang hill, Bandung and the tool operated well. We have installed the final system in Padamaju Village, Pagelaran District, Cianjur Regency, West Java. This community services activity was supported by the P3MI program, Bandung Institute of Technology 2019.

Location of installment: Padamaju Village, Pagelaran, Cianjur District
The hill at which the system will be installed
The hill viewed from the residence area
Testing equipment prior to instalation
Transporting the system to the hill’s top
Installation of sensors and transmitter on the hilltop
The installed transmitter on the hill’s top
installation of a receiver and an alarm on a mosque
The installed receiver on a mosque
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