Reactor for Removing Pollutants by Sunlight

We developed a reactor by employing TiO2 photocatalys for removing organic pollutants in water. This was a very long journey of research, starting from about 2009. We finally able to design reactor in the form of panels. Each panel can be connected easily to other panels to form a reactor having very large area. The total installment area depend on the volume of the polluted water that needed to be cleaned. This is the nearly zero energy process of cleaning polluted water (we only use the energy from the sun and very small energy to run the water pump). We published this work in Sustainable Environment Research with the title “Prototype of a flat-panel photoreactor using TiO2 nanoparticles coated on transparent granules for the degradation of Methylene Blue under solar illumination”.

Flat panel reactor design
Example of color change
Degradation by one or four panels
Proposal of installation
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